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  • http://oer-wout.deviantart.com/art/In-Light-353576721
  • Each Tumbled Gemstone is between 1'' - 2'' (Inches).
  • Gemstone Pendants & Tibetan Silver/Bronze Pendants.
  • Stretch Bracelets with Gemstones (May include a charm).
  • Sterling Silver Pendants & Rings with Gemstones.

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Amulet of Calming Skies


Product Description

Everyone deals with stress on a daily basis. It's a part of living in our chaotic society where bills are due, things go wrong, people are an annoyance, and anxiety is high.

This amulet is spelled specifically to counter and block stress and help the user recover from trauma.

- Block Negativity
- Prevent Stress From Causing Negative Side Effects
- Relieves Current Stress Inducers
- Negates Panic/Anxiety Attacks
- Helps In Recovering From Triggering Words/People/Items/Situations
- Prevents Nightmares

To benefit from this amulet, just carry it on your person to prevent stress and nightmares, or hold it in your hands to calm anxiety or work towards recovery. No activation is necessary, as each amulet is spelled specifically for the user, and activates when the user needs it.

Please write in your Order notes what Magick Arts you would like this Amulet to be spelled towards: White Arts, Neutral Arts, or Dark Arts.

To see examples of what kind of vessels are available for this amulet, refer to the second picture of this listing.

Product Reviews

  1. An Immense Help 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 21st

    I got this because I tend to be a very anxious person, and it's amazing! I can feel the difference when I'm faced with stressful situations; usually, I feel that it's easier to reassure myself and keep calm. The frequency of my worser periods of anxiety have decreased dramatically as well with this amulet! I'd say that this is definitely worth it if you struggle with too much stress or anxiety. Thank you, MSB!

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