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  • Each Tumbled Gemstone is between 1'' - 2'' (Inches).
  • Gemstone Pendants & Tibetan Silver/Bronze Pendants.
  • Stretch Bracelets with Gemstones (May include a charm).
  • Sterling Silver Pendants & Rings with Gemstones.
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Amulet of Grey Arts


Product Description

We all have a type of vibration that we are best at, whether it be White, Black, or something in between. This vibrational energy is what helps us perform certain types of magic, or be able to communicate with certain types of entities/spirits.

This amulet is spelled specifically to aid in Grey Arts and Grey Magick. If you are more adept at Black or Dark Arts/Magic, this amulet is a necessity!

- Enhancing Energy within Spell Work and other Magickal Practices Using Grey Magick Vibrations
- Aid in Sensing & Communicating With Grey Arts Entities/Spirits
- Preventing Backfire/Reversal of Your Grey Magick Spells
- Enhancing Results from Witchcraft Using Grey Magick
- Preventing Negative Manifestations or Sickness From Grey Arts Energy Given Off By Entities/Spirits

To benefit from this amulet, just carry it on your person. No activation is necessary, as each amulet is spelled specifically for the user, and activates when the user needs it.

To see examples of what kind of vessels are available for this amulet, refer to the second picture of this listing.

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