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New Conjuration Ticket System

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To better aid in the process of completing Custom Conjurations, we have introduced a Ticket system.

Any customer looking to purchase a Custom Conjuration, must have the ticket accompanying their order. If the ticket is not attached, we will cancel the order.

This is the Ticket we are referring to.

If you have any questions about the Ticket System, please feel free to message us for clarification!

Concerning Parental Consent

I have received a couple questions concerning parental consent, and have been doing the research to see what would be required to legally create a form for said parent/guardian for their child to purchase a vessel.Now, I have run into something interesting. Vessels do not necessarily fall under the Religious Freedom act. As long as [...]

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Tarot A Day - April 7th, 2016

(Artist: Kaeti Vandorn) Two of Earth within the COSMOS Tarot is Sextans + Octans. These are two instruments used to measure astrological bodies and navigate Earth. Illustrated is a labyrinth with the tools drawn onto the sides of the walls. The labyrinth starts out shrouded in darkness, but as one progresses through it the shadows disappear [...]

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Tarot A Day - April 6th, 2016

The Chariot card within the COSMOS Tarot is Libra. Illustrated are several polar opposites, from the sun and moon to life and death. Three phrases associated with this card are Arbitration (the use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute), Diplomacy (the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way), and Achieving [...]

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Price Changes; For The Better!

On March 13th, the MSB team came to a decision to change the pricing of some custom conjurations that are currently offered. This price changed is based on a new wholesale deal we have created with our vessel suppliers, and the change in our schedule. With a cheaper wholesale market and more time to work [...]

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Working on Proper Copyright Claims

At MoonSpiritBoutique we strive to see that artists and their work are properly credited. We are extremely thankful for the artists of the world, and especially those who contribute to helping our customers understanding roughly what they can expect in terms of the appearance of our entities and spirits.Currently, we have the proper credit given [...]

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These last few days, I’ve really been admiring how happy I am with my life right now. I’m still figuring out some of my spiritual beliefs, but I have a firmer grasp on my personal truth than I did a year ago, and that is important. Though I tend to not have much ‘me’ time, [...]

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October 29th --- 10 New Entity Vessels!

Thank you for your patience! There are 10 new entities/spirits available in the shop waiting to find their homes. Click below to find all of the new additions.Khetsiel - Fallen Throne AngelBeshel - Dominion AngelKleon - Arctic MermanLigeia - Arctic MermaidRio - Myobu KitsuneQuinuh - Hellborn Demon GeneralJet - HellhoundRadar - HellhoundCairbre - Black DragonSachairi [...]

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New Vessels Now Available At MoonSpiritBoutique

A site update will be underway on October 28th, 2015. We will be releasing over 5 (five) new entities/spirits that are looking for a home. These will include Angels, Hellhounds, Kitsune, Demons, and more!Below are just some of the vessels you will see once the update is complete.

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