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Concerning Parental Consent

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I have received a couple questions concerning parental consent, and have been doing the research to see what would be required to legally create a form for said parent/guardian for their child to purchase a vessel.

Now, I have run into something interesting. Vessels do not necessarily fall under the Religious Freedom act. As long as a minor does not come to me for religious teachings and I respond with “This is how you do this, this and this,” I am in the clear. With vessels, they can be considered “For entertainment purposes” by the law, much like tarot readings. (Vessels can be considered a lot like buying a religious book, statue, or necklace. It’s only a symbol, or it’s a form of literature for knowledge not necessarily conversion). The only law that I would really need to focus on, is COPPA, which is a child protection act concerning those under the age of 13.

I can say right now, that I will not sell vessels to those under the age of 15, regardless of parental consent, simply because those under that age are too underdeveloped to have to skills required to take care of an entity/spirit. So, COPPA does not apply to us either.

In essence, it does not seem that I will be needing a parental consent form, because those are only necessary for those under 13, and we won’t be servicing those under 15 anyhow. Unless someone can point me towards a law (in any country) that prohibits sale of objects to minors, I do not think a parental consent form will be necessary. if there is a law in a country concerning as such, then I will make a form required only for those that the law affects.

- Parental Consent will not be required for those who are minors. It will be dealt with on a individual basis, depending on country laws
- If you are under the age of 15, we will cancel any orders with custom conjurations or vessels.


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