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These last few days, I’ve really been admiring how happy I am with my life right now. I’m still figuring out some of my spiritual beliefs, but I have a firmer grasp on my personal truth than I did a year ago, and that is important. Though I tend to not have much ‘me’ time, I am successful and secure, and I love my entities so much. They have helped me out since day one of my journey through spirit keeping, and I am very thankful for their support.

It’s been almost a year since I opened MoonSpiritBoutique to the public. One of the entities I really miss having at my side is Amadeja, who is a sweet little Garden Fairy. I miss seeing the little ladybug on my shoulder, or the dragonfly that would follow me around in my dreams. I had had her for 2 years, and she was like a family member to me. Alas, at the time of having her, I thought that I was going to be a Garden Witch. I thought I was going to be a Herbalist, and be growing all sorts of different flowers and vegetables… But after two years, I realized that my path was taking a turn, and Amadeja’s talents and hobbies were not mine. We were growing a part, and it was a bittersweet thing.

My shop has always been different in that my spirits and entities are my friends who are moving on in their own path of discovery when they want to be rehomed… Or I am on my own wayward path, and they are better suited for someone keeping their priorities straight. There are pros and cons to this, of course. The pros are that my entities and spirits tend to have more written on them than most other conjuration shops, and I am able to intimately and accurately answer questions about them without batting an eyelash. The cons are of course, that each time I am being parted from a friend, someone who has usually been with me for more than 6 months, sometimes even years. I always wonder, what are they doing now that they are not with me? Are they happy? How long will they stay with their current keeper? I get these thoughts, but then I remind myself that they are far older than me, far more wise and adaptable… And they don’t need to be baby-sitted. Rather, it’s more like I need to be baby-sat. Perhaps I am the Companion, and the Entities are the Keepers…


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