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Price Changes; For The Better!

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On March 13th, the MSB team came to a decision to change the pricing of some custom conjurations that are currently offered. This price changed is based on a new wholesale deal we have created with our vessel suppliers, and the change in our schedule. With a cheaper wholesale market and more time to work on conjurations, our prices will be permanently changed. Below is a list of the conjurations that are affected, and how.

All prices below are in CAD.

All Fairy-Category Conjures: Changed from $70 - $80, to $60.00

All Fairy-Exclusive Conjures: Changed from $80 to $70.00

All Dragon-Category Conjures: Changed from $80 to $70.00

All Creature-Category Conjures: Changed from $70 - $80, to $60.00

Hellhound Conjures: $70.00 to $60.00

All Angelic-Category Conjures: Change from $100.00 to $90.00

All Sprite-Category Conjures (Except Kere): Change From $60.00 to $50.00

All Djinn-Category Conjures: $100.00 to $80.00

Fallen Angel Conjures: $200 to $180.00

Quality will remain the same, except for with the chains for pendants. We are currently in the process of changing out the chains used for vessels. By March 25th 2016, only high-quality thicker (and thus stronger) chains will be used for vessel pendants, while our thinner delicate chains will be used for our Amulet pendants.

If you bought from us at any point before March 25th and received our thin (delicate) chains and have since found that it has broken, we will replace it with our new chains free of charge. Just send us an email through the Contact Us page, and we will send you a new chain in the mail!


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