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Working on Proper Copyright Claims

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At MoonSpiritBoutique we strive to see that artists and their work are properly credited. We are extremely thankful for the artists of the world, and especially those who contribute to helping our customers understanding roughly what they can expect in terms of the appearance of our entities and spirits.

Currently, we have the proper credit given to all pictures used in our listings, which can be found when you click on the image itself.

Starting 03.08.2016, we will be contacting each artist one by one and asking for legal use of these images as representations of our own products. We hope that this process will be finished within 2 weeks time, and that we will have all the proper copyright information needed so that artists are aware of how their art is being used, and understand that we are not selling their artwork, but rather the vessel in which the artwork represents. During this two week timeframe, you may see artwork change on the site as we receive or are denied permission for the artwork.

If you wish to contribute to MoonSpiritBoutique's artwork library, we are looking for high-quality artwork that can be of either digital or traditional format. We will pay a one-time fee for any custom-made artwork that is made by you, and featured on the site. All fees will be discussed before work begins on your end.

Thank you for following the development of MoonSpiritBoutique, and our goal to continue a path of ethical shop behavior and service.


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