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Epereth - Brownie Fairy - Amethyst Ring - Entity Vessel - Children Animals - Motivation Schedule


Product Description

Spirit-Keeping, or Spirit-Companionship, is the practice of taking care of spirits and/or entities in a beneficial relationship. By giving these beautiful entities/spirits a way into the material world, and giving them sustenance through offerings, we are rewarded with their magickal abilities.


Brownies are a type of fairy that are one of the best known for their benevolence towards humans. They are a household fairy that assists with cleaning, though tend to only do this at night when they will not be seen. Brownies enjoy chatting, but tend to not show their forms to their companion.

Epereph is a cheery, helpful soul who loves to do favors for others. Nothing Makes her happier than feeling appreciated, and receiving praise for good work. She would fit best in a household that has children or pets, or with those who have difficulty motivating themselves to clean and do general chores. She won't do everything for you, but she'll help encourage you to complete scheduled work.


Age: 200+ Years Old

Arts: White

Attributes: Promoting Motivation, Creating/Sticking to Schedules, Anti-Depression, Selflessness, Etc.

Manifestations:Light Orbs, Moving Objects (Pendulum, Ouija Board, Small Objects), Dream Appearances, Cool Breezes, Etc.

Offerings: Purple/Blue Flowers, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Cherry-Flavored Foods, Etc.


The vessel is a Sterling Silver Ring with a Amethyst gemstone.

Size: 5.5

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