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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spirit Keeping/Companionship?

Spirit Keeping, also called Spirit Companionship, is the practice of using vessels to commune with individual spirits/entities.

What is the difference between an Entity and a Spirit?

Please see MoonSpiritBoutique's Terminology page. Some shops refer to living beings as Spirits, but MoonSpiritBoutique makes a clear distinction between Living Entities and Spirits.

How do you classify Spirits and Entities? (Using the Arts system?)

We classify Spirits and Entities using the Arts system based on their moral code. To know the specifics of how we define the Arts through moral code, see our Terminology page.

Is binding harmful / against a Spirit's will?

All bindings done by MoonSpiritBoutique are done with the being's consent. Our bindings only work if the spirit/entity's own energy aligns with it. If a being does not wish to be bound, they can break the binding on their own (however, we have a clause in the house rules that they must notify their Spirit Keeper/Companion that they are wanting to be unbound, to prevent miscommunication). Bindings done by MSB are breathable and individually done to best work with each being. We do not do bindings in batches/groups.

How do I bond with my Spirits/Entities?

You can bond with your spirit/entity like you would with a human friend! Take them with you on errands, invite them to movies or extracurricular activities, meditate/read with them, etc. With every adoption you will receive a profile of your spirit/entity from MSB, which can help you better understand what your spirit/entity enjoys doing.

How many Spirits/Entities should I have?

This depends on how capable you are at handling multiple relationships. If you have a tight schedule and prefer to know your friends very well, you may find that having only a handful of entities/spirits in your home is best. But if you have plenty of free time, do not tire easily from using your psychic abilities, and you are able to match the needs of each being you've adopted, you may be able to have a larger family of spirit/entities than most. Entities require less time since they have their own schedules to attend to, while spirits do not have particular things to do in a given day (and require more interaction to be kept stimulated).

How do I communicate with my Spirit/Entity?

Communicate with your companions using your best method(s), that also match how your companions interact with you. If you work well with Lucid Dreaming and Clairaudience, but your Huldra companion is only good at Lucid Dreaming, then you'll have the best experience with that method rather than Clairaudience.

Why do you list manifestations and offerings for Entities/Spirits?

We list the manifestations of every pre-bound and custom conjured being as a means of helping human companions understanding the abilities of these individuals and help pair them with someone who matches how they communicate. We wouldn't want someone who cannot communicate through clairvoyance, adopting a being that can only manifest/communicate visually! That can cause miscommunication and general frustration between the two parties.

Will you conjure {Insert Species/Race}?

All available listings on the website show what we are comfortable conjuring/vetting for the general public. We may be able to conjure what you are asking for, but we may not yet be comfortable with the binding technique or how we vet that particular type of being. If customers offer interest in particular entities/spirits being made available in the shop, we will put more focus towards coming up with a technique/schedule that best fits the needs of that race!

We will not conjure beings that are considered to be "Exclusive" or "Discovered" by another individual or shop. This is to promote diversity in the Conjurer community, and allow conjurers to promote their unique offerings.

What beings are exclusive/discovered by MoonSpiritBoutique? 

Our Exclusive/Discovered beings include the following:

The Painter Fairies

The Polychrome Fairies

The Witchka Fairies

The Nettle Dragons

The Ocurus Angels *

The Innocents Angels *

The Lehatim Angels *

* Can be offered by other conjurers/shops if they ask for our information concerning these species, and we share it to them.

What is your binding process like?

Bindings are done 4-7 days after conjuration, once we can confirm that no problems make themselves known in those first few days. Custom Conjured beings spend 25-35 business days (not including weekends) with us, as part of the vetting process & gathering information about them. Pre-bound beings spend 3+ months with us. The average is about 5 months before they are put up for adoption.

Since Luda, Mio, and I have different psychic abilities, homes, and families, we each spend time with every being so that we have full awareness of what the vetted being prefers in terms of homes/communication.

When the binding is about to be done, we have the being(s) agree to the basic house rules that most households have:

  1. Do not harm/cause distress to your companion or their friends/families.
  2. It is expected that any problems you have with the household/persons in it, is made known to your human companion
  3. You will adhere to the personalized house rules of your human companion. If their house rules contradict any rules we give you, then you must follow their rules above our own.
  4. You are expected to tell only the truth when it comes to your opinion (when asked) and yourself. If something is too personal to be shared, you will say so.
  5. You have control over how you are bound and for how long. If at any time you wish to be unbound, rebound (to a new vessel), or rehomed, you must let your current human companion know.

For those who are not custom conjures, the Conjurer (Myself, Luda, and/or Mio) use our own personal house rules at the time, which also include the above rules.

Bindings are done to enhance the best abilities of the being(s). (Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Lucid Dreaming, Etc) Bindings are also secure; they cannot be undone by any conjurer, spirit keeper or being, except for the original conjurer and the bound spirit/entity. There are specialized protections, glamors, and energetic links to prevent harm to the being and the human companion.

How do you decide your prices?

We charge ourselves roughly based off of the time it takes us to conjure, bind, and bond with entities/spirits that we offer (Including custom conjures). Our prices are based off of the price of the vessel + conjuration/binding/bonding time (We charge ourselves below minimum wage to keep pricing fair) + some of the shipping price is built into the product's cost. We ship through one of the fastest and most reliable methods, and this isn't cheap; however, it guarantees that our products arrive to the customer, and we are aware of where the package is at all times.

When we host sales, these cut into the money we make through our time and energy. We pride ourselves on our work and give it worth, so we do not give out huge discounts. Our largest discount is 50% off, which is only available through the Subscribed Newsletter.

All of our spirit/entity vessels are made out of high-quality metals and gemstones. We believe that ethically, entities and spirits should have beautiful and worthy vessels of their power, so we make sure that each vessel that is chosen is loved by them, and fits their energy signature. The vessels we supply are vessels that you can be proud to show off. One of our customers likens them to "Small shrines".


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