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Goetic Embodiment - Vassago Amulet - Divination - Past Lives

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Product Description

Goetia is a practice that comes to us inspired from the 17th-century grimoire "The Lesser Key of Solomon". This grimoire includes invocations/evocations to both angels and demons, though it popular due to its descriptions of 72 demons and their sigils or "seals".

These Goetic Embodiments are not bindings; rather, they are amulets spelled with the attributes associated with specific Goetic demons. The pendants use the seal of said demon to amplify the powers given to it. You may use this amulet to communicate with or work with the demon associated with it, but that service is NOT what you are paying for with the purchase of this amulet. We are not held responsible nor take credit for any interaction you may have with the Goetic demons when using this amulet.

Vassago is described as a Prince of Hell within the Lesser Key of Solomon. He reigns over twenty-six legions of demons (roughly 156,000 demons). He specializes in divination, especially when it comes to looking into past lives or future events, and can rediscover anything that has been lost or hidden. 

This amulet is spelled to aid in seeing into past and future lives, divination of all kinds, and locating any lost items you may desire to have in your possession.

To benefit from this amulet, just carry it on your person. No activation is necessary, as each amulet is spelled specifically for the user, and activates when the user needs it.

Only charging bags/boxes supplied by MSB will recharge the energy of this amulet. A charging bag will be supplied with your purchase.

All Goetic Embodiment Amulets are Dark Arts oriented.

The pewter pendant measures 3.5cm in diameter, and will come with an 18'' stainless steel chain. It is set with a genuine Amethyst gemstone.

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