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Keltie - Polychrome Fairy - Aura Quartz Pendant - Entity Vessel - Sports Creativity - Social Activities

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Spirit-Keeping, or Spirit-Companionship, is the practice of taking care of spirits and/or entities in a beneficial relationship. By giving these beautiful entities/spirits a way into the material world, and giving them sustenance through offerings, we are rewarded with their magickal abilities.


Meet Keltie, a Polychrome Fairy from Britain. He is 500+ Years Old.

Polychrome Fairies come from a rather interesting culture of fairies... They are born with only the frame of their wings. In order to fly, they fill these spider-web like frames with many pieces of flower petals and leaves. The colors and types depend on their environment, and less on the fairy's own personal tastes. These flowered wings help them camoflauge among blooms to avoid predators, as when their wings are spread they appear to be their own blooming flower. They are small and shy, so it's a rewarding experience to communicate and befriend these little fae.

Keltie has just gotten past a long-term relationship with his Ex, and is now taking this time to explore himself and his own hobbies/needs/desires rather than looking directly for a romantic interest. At this time, he is wanting a platonic friend to do activities with on a weekly basis as a way of being social and overall pushing his past behind him and focusing on the future ahead. When you get to know him, he's a witty fellow who enjoys the small things in life, and can almost be described as 'basic' or very predictable in his own thoughts and needs as an outsider.

Attributes: Aid in Social Activities, Sports, Creativity, Etc.

Manifestations: Light Streaks, Colored Orbs, Whispers, Dream Appearances, Etc.

Offerings: Would prefer to do things together than receive items as offerings...

The vessel is a Sterling Silver pendant with a Druzy gemstone that is coated with titanium to create Aura Quartz!

Pendant: 1.25'' x 0.8'' (Inches, Excluding Bail)
Chain: 18'' (Silver)

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