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Lyssta - Hellborn Demon - Smoky Quartz Ring - Entity Vessel - Leadership Goals - Abundance Wealth


Product Description

Spirit-Keeping, or Spirit-Companionship, is the practice of taking care of spirits and/or entities in a beneficial relationship. By giving these beautiful entities/spirits a way into the material world, and giving them sustenance through offerings, we are rewarded with their magickal abilities.


Demons from the Hellborn Realms of the Underworld do not have the same morals that us humans do. They are your typical demon that are spoken about in a negative light, due to their focus on the self rather than the group. They focus heavily on the personal status of themselves, and being 'higher ranking' than others around them. They tend to not create families except to have an heir for their ranking.

Lyssta listens rather than speaks. She has learned a lot by observing the world and those around her, and that's what she attributes to her success. By listening, Lyssta can understand what people want out of life, and she can work to make that happen for others--- for the small price of helping her get what she wants in return. She rubs the backs of people, so that they feel obligated to do the same for her.


Age: 900+ Years Old

Arts: Dark

Attributes: Leadership, Reaching Goals, Abundance/Wealth, Etc.

Manifestations:Shadows within Shadows, Moving Shadows, Dream/Astral Appearances, Buzzing Noises, Warmth on the Shoulders, Etc.

Offerings: Quartz, Copper, Etc.


The vessel is an Artisan Sterling Silver Ring with a Smoky Quartz gemstone.

Size: 8.25

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