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Meet The Boutique


MoonSpiritBoutique opened to the public on Valentine's Day of 2015 (February 14th, 2015) on Etsy. In late September 2015, MSB moved to this standalone website to continue offering spirited items and spells.

We do not come from a line of witches, nor were we born with a natural talent for magic.

We came to where we are today not through bloodlines or destiny, but through hard work, determination, practice, and desire. For almost a decade, we have practiced magick and read many accounts on religion, spells, and entities from many different time periods and cultures. Through this knowledge, we have shaped into the way we are today.

MoonSpiritBoutique is made up of a coven of members who all specialize in different techniques, and come from an assortment of backgrounds.


  • Angelolator Witch (Metis (First Nations & French), Irish, & German bloodlines)
  • Owner of MoonSpiritBoutique
  • Performs Conjurations, Bindings, and Spell Castings; Customer Service; Shipping Packages

Alexandra has been a practicing witch for almost a decade. Specializing in White Arts & Grey Arts, she is the leading Conjurer of MoonSpiritBoutique.


  • Witch (Russian Bloodlines)
  • Conjurer & Spell Caster

Luda does most of the Dark Arts custom conjurations found at MoonSpiritBoutique, and aids in creating amulets and performing spell-castings.


  • Mahayana Buddhism (Japanese & Korean Bloodlines)
  • Spell Caster & Conjurer

Mio works alongside Alexandra during White Magick spell-castings. She conjures Japanese beings such as Kitsune.


  • Roman Catholic Christian (Hungarian & German Bloodlines)
  • Jewelry Artisan

Sheridan creates the Artisan vessels that you see around the MSB shop. She has ten years of experience in creating pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings using fine materials such as Sterling Silver, Gold, and Black Rhodium.


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