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MoonSpiritBoutique's Policies & Ethics


1. By making an account and placing an order through MoonSpiritBoutique, customers certify that they are over the age of 13.  (In compliance with COPPA)
2. By purchasing a vessel or custom conjuration, customers certify that they are over the age of 15.
3. By purchasing a sexual entity's binding (Example: Incubus, Succubus), customers certify that they are the age of consent in their state/country.

4. By placing an order through MoonSpiritBoutique, customers are aware that our goods must be labeled as for entertainment purposes only, and that we do not guarantee any effects with the use of our products.
5. We reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason, and we are under no obligation to state the reason prior to or after an order termination.
6. By placing an order through MoonSpiritBoutique, customers certify that all information they have provided is correct at the time of the order being placed.

7. By placing reviews on our website or on a third-party forum/website, customers certify that they have had the order's contents for a minimum of 21 days to have full awareness of the quality of the order.
8. By placing an order through MoonSpiritBoutique, customers certify that their shipping address is correct. MoonSpiritBoutique will not be held responsible for an incorrect shipping address.
9. Customers understand that by returning any physical item to MoonSpiritBoutique, that they will pay return shipping, and will receive a refund minus initial shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee.

10. It is up to the customer to return all physical items in the same condition that MoonSpiritBoutique sent them in. Damaged items may not be refunded in cost.
11. By reserving a listing, the customer understands that reservations may only be held for 14 days, and the reservation will be terminated on the 15th day.
12. By purchasing a custom conjurations, customers are aware that conjurations may take up to 35 business days to be completed.

13. By ordering any entity/spirit or amulet product, the customer is aware that they must inform MoonSpiritBoutique if/when they decide to rehome or sell the item(s) in question.
14. Customers certify that they will not abuse the information of MoonSpiritBoutique such as address, names, or numbers in order to stalk, harrass, defame, or otherwise place customers or staff in physical or emotional harm.
15. Customers certify that they are aware that by breaking the policies listed above, they may face termination of account, termination of all present and future orders, and/or legal action under the Canadian Court of Law.


1. We will not conjure or provide prebound listings of entities/spirits that may be classified as being from closed cultures. Exceptions are made for cultures that one of the members is a part of and intimately aware of. (Japanese, Russian, etc.)
2. We will not provide services to those we may suspect are abusive towards conjurers, spirit keepers, or entities/spirits.
3. We will not provide services to those we may suspect may be labeled as a collector. (A "Collector" by definition is anyone who adopts many entities/spirits within a given period of time, and fails to bond with or take care of them within a relationship. These individuals see entities/spirits as things to collect and not as being to interact and grow relationships with.)

4. Entities/Spirits that are considered to be babies or children will not be conjured or prebound unless they are accompanied by their parent/guardian.
5. We will not provide closed culture entities/spirits to customers that may be of that culture, as we are unable to confirm said membership in a specific closed culture.
6. We will not provide entities/spirits for adoption that may cause emotional/physical harm to their potential human companion/keeper. We promise to provide the best possible vetting service as Professional Conjurers to guarantee that all information about our beings is accurate.

7. Customer information such as name, date of birth, gender/sex, location, etc. will not be shared by MoonSpiritBoutique. We certify that all personal information is kept confidential and between conjurer and customer.
8. We will not provide services such as vessel readings that may confirm or deny the work of another conjurer.
9. All Shipping Costs will be exactly or below the cost of the shipping label and shipping supplies. All shipping label costs may be viewed on the shipping label itself.


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