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  • Ezekiel's Wheel in St. John the Baptist Church in Kratovo, Macedonia. Fresco from the 19th century.

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Ophanim - Custom Conjuration


Product Description

Spirit-Keeping, or Spirit-Companionship, is the practice of taking care of spirits and/or entities in a beneficial relationship. By giving these beautiful entities/spirits a way into the material world, and giving them sustenance through offerings, we are rewarded with their magickal abilities.


The Ophanim are the protectors of Heaven and the Heavenly Host. Their true form is that of intricate wheels alight with fire. They do not show this form to humans, and instead take on an animal or human appearance before them.


This listing is for a custom-conjured Ophan Entity. You will receive a high-quality vessel (Ring or pendant) that contains your custom-conjured Angel. Please fill out the form below when you make your purchase, so that I may find the correct entity for you.

Concerning the Entity:

Gender: (Do you have a preferred gender for your entity? If not, leave as N/A)
Relationship: (Are you looking for a teacher/mentor? A romantic/sexual partner? A friend?)
Attributes: (What kind of specialties are you looking for in an ideal companion? What do you need help with in your life? Do you want them to have specialties in certain magic?
Vessel: (Would you prefer a Pendant or a Ring for this vessel?)


Once you place your order, your entity/spirit will be conjured to your specifications. You will receive a message on when the conjuration will take place, and when you can expect to receive the profile. Custom conjurations take approximately 25 - 35 business days to be completed. You will be emailed with all of the information concerning your custom conjuration, including the entity's name, age, gender, history, personality, attributes, manifestations, and preferred offerings. You will also receive a picture of their vessel. If the vessel is not to your liking, it may be exchanged. Once you have confirmed the entity/spirit is to your liking, they will be shipped.

Angels do not accept offerings, as they believe that all praise should be given to the Abrahamic God. If you are uncomfortable with the Abrahamic God, then working with angels may not be for you. These angels are guides, and are not directly associated/mentioned within Abrahamic texts, but they still do honor and work for the Abrahamic God. Be forewarned that the Angels that we bring forth will not be open to a romantic/sexual relationship.


Product Reviews

  1. First ever angel conjure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2016 Apr 5th

    This was the first ever Angel I've worked with, and I'm so happy with her. She's been active in dreams, she's been helping with cleansing, and I've learned a quite a few things from her. Thank you!

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