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Peeki - Psychic Vampire - Labradorite Pendant - Entity Vessel - Knowledge Meditation - Learning Teaching


Product Description

Spirit-Keeping, or Spirit-Companionship, is the practice of taking care of spirits and/or entities in a beneficial relationship. By giving these beautiful entities/spirits a way into the material world, and giving them sustenance through offerings, we are rewarded with their magickal abilities.


Psychic Vampires are a race of Vampire who feed through emotional/magical energies, rather than blood. They are evolved from Sanguine Vampires, and are very intelligent.

Peeki has had few friends growing up and throughout adulthood, as he's had to move locations frequently do to his parent's work and his own career. Since settling down in a more stable location for his job, Peeki has been looking forward to creating lasting relationships with others, and doing the simple social activities that he's missed out on. He loves watching sports, survival shows, and sharing stories.


Age: 6,200+ Years Old

Attributes: Promoting Knowledge, Enhancing Learning/Teaching, Organization, Meditation, Etc.

Manifestations: Clicking Noises, Whispers, Breaths, Smoke Manifestations, Astral Appearances, Etc.

Offerings: Coconut Oil, Etc.


The vessel is a Sterling Silver Pendant with a Labradorite gemstone.

Chain: 18'' (Silver)

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