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Reverse Adoption Reading - An Entity or Spirit Chooses You!


Product Description

Sometimes, we are getting so many signals from a shop, we do not know who is really calling us. Other times, we are not quite able enough to sense callings from pictures and descriptions alone, and we need a confirmation.

This listing is for a small reading to see if any entities or spirits currently in my shop are interested in you, and are wanting to come home.

This is how it works; you send me the information either through the "Notes" section of this order. Then I will meditate on the information and see who comes forward. I will then do a 1-card tarot or oracle reading for confirmation by that spirit or entity. If that is not enough, I will then ask the spirit and entity to reword their answer within Dreamscape. Once a finalized answer has been made, your reading will be emailed to you.

If no spirit or entity currently in my shop comes forward (either none at all, or it was a spirit/entity currently not listed that answered), I will let you know, and your order will be refunded as Store Credit so that you can try again in the future.

When you purchase the listing of a spirit/entity that called to you, you will have the amount of this listing refunded from your purchase.


Please fill out your account's profile before ordering. We use the information you supply to help entities/spirits have a better understanding of who you are and what you expect out of Companionship.

Be aware that anyone can come forward! It may be an entity or spirit you have never worked with before, one you work with plenty, or one you have told yourself you would never work with; be open-minded when a spirit or entity calls to you. You are under no obligation to bring them home if they do call to you, but I assure there are good reasons why said entity/spirit wishes to be a part of your life.


*This service was created by MoonSpiritBoutique in 2015. We pride ourselves on being the first conjurer shop to understand the public desire to have confirmation from entities/spirits in a Reading format. We are flattered that other shops have borrowed this service, and we hope to see the community grow because of the services MoonSpiritBoutique offers.

Product Reviews

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  1. First Purchase Goldmine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 May 10th

    Being a newbie to the spirit community, having a reverse adoption was a big help in deciding which spirit would fit the best with me and my life. It was my first purchase on this site and my first initial interaction with anything regarding spirit work, and come to find out the entity that called to me was the one I adopted! I was pretty surprised to find that the one who had the best fit with me was in my tarot suit and had a good understanding of my current situation. It hasn't been long, but I'm very happy he's here, and I'm glad I took the chance to have a reading to find him.

  2. Very Helpful! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 19th

    The reading was very precise! I didn't expect the spirit who called me, but it was amazing how accurately they seem to fit me and my current state. Looking at their attributes and interests, the reading also helped me set a new goal, and work towards something that I'd been thinking of pursuing. I'm excited to add them to my family and look forward to hanging out and working with them too! Thank you, MSB!

  3. Surprising 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 17th

    I had felt a slight tug towards a certain entity but assumed it was because I liked the vessel. Nope! Totally a surprise but it made sense and I feel happy to adopt him and bring him home! Totally worth it for peace of mind and the reading is interesting and in-depth!

  4. First purchase 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 17th

    I guess it's fine. Nothing to really base it on since this was my first purchase here.

  5. Awesome 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 17th

    I'm honestly wowed by some of the connections, specifically the tarot card that was drawn. The reading didn't have as much information as I had hoped but definitely helped point me in a good direction!! Thank you so much!!

  6. So Interesting! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 17th

    I always like getting validation on spirits before taking them home, so this was a really fun opportunity! I was a bit surprised, as I expected a different spirit (I think I was hearing the call of a crystal, in that case, not the call of a spirit!!) but reading over the info I got, I do believe the spirit who responded to me will be a better match! Thanks! :D

  7. Well done 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 12th

    The reading was well done and in-depth. I like that we have the option of responding to the reading or not, while some other store's reverse adoptions sell you an entity that you have not confirmed that you want them. This reading was a little late, but for a reason.

  8. Exciting reverse reading 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 10th

    I like the reading and will know which spirit/entity calling for me. Got the result with shock. Thanks a lot.

  9. Good, In-Depth Reading 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 10th

    This is a great reading, it's in-depth and Alexandra even sent a photo of the confirmation card pulled (which I particularly like) as well as a description of the meaning and how it relates to the spirit or entity who came forward. The entity that came forward for my reading was a surprise but seems spot on to my personality and very compatible.

  10. Fantasticly done. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2017 Apr 10th

    Absolutely fantastic reading, with the spirit hitting every aspect of my spiritual work and neeeds of guidance and help reaching goals and dreams, really good and loving energy from the spirit aswell, coming forward in such a reading that completely hit the nail on the head. Already ordered my next, so that says it. :) Seems to go fine with my succubus friend too, wich is great :) Great piece of work for a very low price aswell, and I really loved the way it was done too.. Great reading by Alexandria! :) -F

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