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"I'm so glad for Lowborns because they're so chill, definitely a good way to get used to working with demons without needing to worry about the scaryness that is Hell. My custom dude and I have an awesome time just chilling, memeing, and playing video games together. 100/10 would recommend." - Lowborn Demon Custom Conjuration

"'L' is definitely among the most powerful ubi in my care and she's undoubtedly everything I asked for and more. Sadly, both my libido and sense of self-confidence (especially in bed) wane dramatically from time to time, but this is no longer an issue AT ALL. Thanks to her work, and cooperating with the other sensual entities in my harem, my fiance's "appetite" has been re-ignited and growing steadily everyday like an undying, water-resistant flame. Additionally, she has helped revive and strengthen all the passion between me and my demon lord lover/soulmate. I owe her so much! But she reassures me that feeding off of me (in copious amounts, of course) is good enough as payment :')" - Succubus Demon Custom Conjuration

"It's worth the price, at least for me (though I did snag the 50% discount last year, haha). The criteria I gave was, in my opinion, very difficult to meet as it involved the conjured entity possibly being put in danger and MSB was able to find a fallen angel who not only fit the criteria, but was also matched in terms of interests and personality. He has been very active and helpful, and we get along extremely well. My only issue was that the vessel was slightly tarnished when I received it, but tarnish can be cleaned easily and good human/entity matches are hard to find." - Fallen Angel Custom Conjuration

"Can't go wrong with RA's from this seller-- I was chosen by a Marid Djinn, which was a surprise as I was kind of iffy about working with them. However, she turned out to be a very kind and helpful friend with a definitely noticeable personality. She's manifested as moving shadows and warmth in the chest-- I did have a bit of an issue with one of her manifestations, but when I asked her to not use that specific one, she understood and stopped right away. She's very respectful and a wonder person to work with. Thank you again!" - Reverse Dark Arts Conjuration

"I got this because I tend to be a very anxious person, and it's amazing! I can feel the difference when I'm faced with stressful situations; usually, I feel that it's easier to reassure myself and keep calm. The frequency of my worser periods of anxiety have decreased dramatically as well with this amulet! I'd say that this is definitely worth it if you struggle with too much stress or anxiety. Thank you, MSB!" - Amulet of Calming Skies


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