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The Angelics

The Angelics are entities who are closest to the Divine Source. They serve or work for this Divine Source. Angelics tend to be considered "White Arts" by MoonSpiritBoutique.


Angels are entities that come from Abrahamic mythology, characterized to be creatures made to serve God and uphold his laws in Heaven and on Earth. They appear as humanoid, with bird-like wings on their backs and halos above their heads and/or an orb of light surrounding their head.

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Also known as "The Risen", they are angels that have fallen, then rose back to Heaven by following God's laws and regaining favor with Him. They are extremely rare, and there is about 1 Assurgo to every 1000 Fallen.

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The Cherubim are beings of love, and are the angels who help humanity feel God's love and trust. Their true forms are that of four-headed beings (human, ox, lion, and eagle) with four wings at the center of the body. They appear to humans as a form that is the most comfortable for the individual. Usually, this means taking the form of a loved animal or human. (Singular: Cherub)

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Dominions are one of only a few races of angels who have a 'true form' that is humanoid. They are known to be extremely beautiful. Within Heaven, they govern and direct the lower classes of angels through their duties. Dominions are the first to know when a human being is in trouble because he or she has lost contact with communications from the Presence, communications that carry with them a sense of individual purpose, belonging, and, most of all, a sense of the individual's importance in the universe's overall progress toward intelligent, and genuine love.

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Guardians are Angels who specifically are tasked with aiding humanity in some fashion. They protect humans, and help them learn God's lessons and bring them closer to the Divine. "Guardians" can be from any race of Angelic, as it is more of a title than an actual race name.

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The Innocents are a type of Angel who are blessed with Innocence. They do not actively fight against the evil of the world, and instead promote direct positivity in a neutral environment. They appear encased with light with many ringed halos above their form.

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Khodam literally means "Guard" or "Assistant" in Arabic. Like 'Guardians', Khodam is a title and any Angelic race can gain this title. Khodam refers to Angelics that are extremely old and wise, and are closest to the Divine Source.

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The Lehatim are angels who appear to be engulfed in flames. They run the task of placing punishment on those who are in Hell, or aiding in the injury/sorrow of those still alive. They can aid in punishing those that have wronged their Keeper, or otherwise scaring those that would go against God's laws.

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The Ocurus are angels of death. They work alongside the Archangel Azrael to take the living into the afterlife once their time has come. They are dark angels who appear as shadowy humanoids, with a glowing aura around their form.

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The Ophanim are the protectors of Heaven and the Heavenly Host. Their true form is that of intricate wheels alight with fire. They do not show this form to humans, and instead take on an animal or human appearance before them. (Singular: Ophan) (Not to be confused with Throne Angels)

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The Powers are angels who are humanoid in appearance, and are usually depicted as holding either a sword, shield, or chains. They are warrior angels, tasked with opposing evil. They keep the Order of the Universe in balance, and prevent evil spirits from causing significant destruction to God's Creation. Powers aid in matters concerning spiritual battles (Finding your true path and not being led astray), fighting those who oppose your Planned Purpose (Destiny), and Protecting the virtuous from malevolent people, energy, and spirits.

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The Principalities are angels who are tasked with watching over groups of people. These groups can be categorized based off of race, culture, sex, job, or disability. They guide and protect these groups, helping them to fulfill their purpose and reach harmony with other groups. In particular, they inspire humanity's interest in the Arts and Sciences.

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The Seraphim within traditional Christianity, are placed within the highest ranking of the Angelic Hierarchy. They are humanoid angels who have three pairs of wings; one to cover their feet, one pair to fly, and another to cover their face. The face is covered due to being so close to God, as witnessing him would be too much to bear. The feet are covered as they are considered unclean within Jewish/Christian theology, though 'feet' may also mean genitals. Within artwork, they are usually depicted as being red, and wielding a burning sword that has "Holy Holy Holy" etched onto the blade. They are angels of holiness, purity, and cleansing power. They are Pure Light.

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Thrones receive their name from what they guard as angels; they guard the Throne of God. Some are said to even be a part of the Throne itself, inseperable from the Glory of God. They aid in fighting injustice in the world, and freeing the oppressed. (Not to be confused with the Ophanim Angels)

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Virtues are a group of angels in Christianity who are known for their work encouraging human beings to strengthen their faith. They often visit Earth to perform miracles. As a Virtue, they perform miracles on Earth concerning avoiding accidents, and recovering in health. They also send signs and messages from the Divine, allowing the individual to also create miracles through faith. Virtue angels are one of only two races of angels who acknowledge the Christian God to be just a single facet of the concept of God; as such, they happily work alongside people of any faith, as it is their belief that God is many-faced, and appears to people as they are most comfortable and needing.

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Watchers (Grigori)

The Watchers (Grigori) are a race of Angelics who are tasked with watching humanity and reporting what they see to the Heavenly Host. Many fell back during the time of Noah, when they decided to go down to Earth and mate with human females and share their divine knowledge and skills.


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