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The Djinn

The Djinn are entities within Islamic & Arabian mythology. They range from benevolent to malevolent in nature, and are known for their ability to grant wishes. They range from White Arts to Dark Arts.


Ghuls are a shapeshifting variety of Djinn that are cannibalistic; they feed on living beings as well as corpses. There are additionally several types of ghuls such as the ghula. Ghuls are nocturnal, and usually appear humanoid with the legs of a donkey and horns of a goat.


The Hinn love animals, and appear physically as their favorite. Most prefer to take on dog-like appearances. They are the 'pets' of other Djinn. Some say that even regular animals that are under the ownership of Djinns can become a Hinn.


The Ifrit Tribe are one of the most intelligent race of Djinn and have a deep connection with the elements of Fire and Earth. They are large creatures that are aflame and fly on wings and live underground.

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The Tribe of Jann Djinn are respectful and kind towards humanity. They are the enemies of Ghuls, and appear as winds or white/albino animals.

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The Marid Djinn are the most powerful type of Djinn and are very proud of their culture. They are the group most known for wish-granting, though it usually requires battle, rituals or flattery. They usually appear as formless smoke or humanoid.

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The Nasnas are a weaker tribe of Djinn that are the offspring of the Shiqq Tribe and human beings. They appear as half-human, half-animals, or as half-human beings (half a head, half a body, one arm, and one leg).


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