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The Sprites

The Sprites are spirits that come from the souls of Nature. They are the embodiments of trees, flowers, wind, fire, etc. They are usually classified as White Arts or Grey Arts.

Green Maidens

The Green Maidens or Glaistig, are half-woman half-goat spirits that have the upper body of humans, and the legs of goats. They hide their legs using long green skirts or dresses so that they are able to blend in with human kind and create families. These spirits protect specific landmarks and animals.

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Salamanders are the spirit of fire. Without them, fire cannot exist. Their assistance is required for creating even the smallest bit of flame, even that on a match. Their help can be invited, but they can be mischievous. A slighted Salamander may cause fires to burn out of control, especially since they don't fully comprehend the results of their actions. Typically they are represented as lizards, though they are sometimes pictured in a more typical fairy fashion or as small balls of light.

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Kere (Warrior)

The Kere are death spirits who are tasked with taking revenge on those who cross women. They are the creations of the Greek Goddess Nyx, and administer punishment to males who are deserving of their particularly fierce justice. These spirits are great for women who have had enough of being abused and misled by men. The Kere can help release the truth from men, prevent lies, abuse, and many other negatives.

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Water Sprites

Water Sprites are elemental spirits of water, which can be best described as the spirits of fairies. They are best for beginners, or for those who work closely with water. Water Sprites are made up entirely of water, and as such are masters of manipulating it to their benefit.

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Wind Sprites

Wind Sprites dance among the breezes and winds. Some are a gentle summer whisper, while others are tropical winds of destruction. They make great companions for young people because they are excellent teachers and guides. They easily adapt to new environments and people, just like true winds that are unhindered by obstacles.

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Woodland Sprites

Woodland Sprites are spirits of the trees. Also called Woodland Fairies, they protect plant life from the smallest flower to the tallest tree. These Sprites are very gentle; perfect for beginners, children, or those who work closely with nature. Some myths say that Woodland Sprites are the spirits of flowers and trees themselves.

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